ISBN 978-2-9811602-3-2


Some places change us, change our perceptions, our actions. Visiting Clipperton and diving its waters were, for us, a decade-old dream that first materialized in 2016 and then again in 2017. Although our time spent on the atoll was brief, Clipperton has changed us!

For us, this small ring of land in the middle of nowhere has become a powerful symbol of resilience, but also a glance into the future of what our oceans, and more globally our planet, could become. Through our images, we hope to show you the rugged beauty of this lost island, the pristine reefs that lie below the surface of its cobalt waters, but also man’s footprint on this unique ecosystem that warrants attention and protection.

160 pp.
Hard Cover
Michel Labrecque, Julie Ouimet
English / French
Quebec, Canada
Friesens Press
ISBN 978-2-9811602-3-2
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